IEA PVPS Report: Trends in Photovoltaic Applications 2014

19th  edition of the international survey report on Trends in Photovoltaic (PV) Applications up to 2013 provided by the IEA PVPS Programme.

The IEA PVPS Programme’s 24 countries have installed at least 35 GW of PV in 2013, with a minimum worldwide installed capacity amounting to 39 GW. While they are hard to track with a high level of certainty, installations in non IEA PVPS countries pushed the installed capacity to around 40 GW in 2013 in the most optimistic case. It is certain that between 39 and 40 GW have been installed in 2013. The most remarkable trend of 2013 is the growth of the global PV market after a year of relative stagnation in 2012, compared to 2011. With close to 40 GW, the market grew in 2013 by around 35%, again the highest installation ever for PV.


  • Source: IEA Photovoltaic Power System Programme
  • Publication Date: 10/2014
  • Language: English