Global Market Outlook for Solar Power 2016-2020

Compared to last year’s Global Market Outlook 2015-2019, this report foresees a much more positive solar development for all 3 scenarios for the coming years. While the 2015 version assumed between 396 GW and 540 GW with the most likely scenario resulting in 450 GW of total gridconnected solar power by the end of 2019, the GMO 2016 foresees a range between 427 GW and 596 GW, and 516 GW for the most probable scenario. In 2020,total global solar capacity could be between 490 GW and 716 GW, with 613 GW considered the mostlikely scenario. In any case, 2 milestones will be reached in all scenarios – 300 GW solar power in 2017, and around 500 GW by 2020.