National Solar Jobs Census 2013

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The National Solar Jobs Census 2013 is the fourth annual update of current  employment and projected growth in the United States solar industry. Data for Census  2013 is derived from a statistically valid sampling and comprehensive survey of 15,437  employers throughout the nation, in industries ranging from manufacturing to construction  and engineering to sales.The rapid pace of change in this industry has warranted annual  updates that examine the size and scope of the solar labor force and employers’  perspectives on job growth and opportunities.

This report includes up-to-date information on the solar industry, quantifying employment  growth since last year’s study and trends since Census 2010. The research findings also provide  stakeholders with fresh information on the potential for further growth and the factors that are  likely to impact the industry over the coming year. As with the previous Census studies, this  report includes information about all types of companies engaged in the analysis, research and  development, production, sale, installation, and use of all solar technologies - ranging from  photovoltaics (PV), to concentrating solar power (CSP), to solar water heating systems for the residential, commercial, industrial, and utility market segments.