Photovoltaic Barometer 2017

100 935 MWp in the European Union at the end of 2016

Not just a wave, it’s a breaker that has made landfall on the global solar power market, driven by strong Asian and American demand. The global solar photovoltaic market surged past the 76 GW mark in 2016, with peak growth at 50%. The European market seems to have drifted into slack water. It connected only 6.1 GW of additional capacity in 2016 and in doing so slipped below the previous year’s figure of 7.9 GW. The sector’s regulatory framework is being overhauled with a view to integrating more renewably-sourced electricity into the market.


  • Source: Observ'ER, Observatoire des énergies renouvelables
  • Publication Date: 04/2017
  • Language: English