Solar Independence Plan for Britain

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Published by The Solar Trade Association, the ‘Solar Independence Plan for Britain’ report sets out how the new Government can steer rooftop solar-generated electricity to parity with retail electricity prices and utility-scale solar farms to parity with new gas CCGT power station prices, both by 2020.

In the report the STA looks at several different scenarios, and recommends the government adopt a Higher Ambition scenario with a target of 25GW by 2020. If adopted, the Plan could see 2.1 million solar homes, 24,000 commercial rooftop and community schemes, 2,300 good quality solar farms and almost 57,000 jobs in solar and its supply chains. Achieving this breakthrough would in 2020 only cost households around £13 per year. The STA modeling behind the plan has been independently verified by experts from Imperial College London and jobs estimates were provided by the Centre for Economics and Business Research.