Switch on the lights - unlocking the UAE's solar potential. United Arab Emirates Solar Survey 2012 Annual Survey Report

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The UAE Solar Survey was initiated in  response to questions raised by the UAE  federal government on perceived barriers  to the uptake of renewable energy. In order  to provide informed answers, ESIA and  PwC reached out to experts, industrial practitioners and members of the local  solar community to seek their views.

The survey consisted of 20 questions on the solar industry in the UAE, covering  themes such as technologies, financing  and government policy. The survey was  designed in collaboration with a select  group of industry practitioners from ESIA  and managed by PwC’s Middle East Centre  of Excellence for Renewable Energy,  Clean-tech and Sustainability based in  Abu Dhabi. The survey was sent to over  1,200 ESIA subscribers over a period of six weeks in Q1 and Q2 of 2012.