Tunisia: Solar Investment Opportunities

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SolarPower Europe’s Emerging Markets Task Force identifies business and cooperation opportunities in emerging markets outside of Europe, with the aim of contributing to energy transitions around the world. The report on Tunisia is the seventh in a series of market reports – previous reports cover Mozambique, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, and India.

The report provides a snapshot of Tunisia’s business environment, major macroeconomic trends, and analyses issues related to the country’s credit and political risk.

Moreover, it characterises the country’s energy context, relevant stakeholders, as well as regulatory framework for investment.

The research finds that Tunisia has strong solar energy potential, which the government increasingly harnesses. To effectively do so, the country’s financial, technical, and administrative environment could still be improved. Therefore, the report concludes with some recommendations for investors, policymakers, development finance institutions, and local private stakeholders to take into consideration.